What have others to say about their Australian experiences?



chloehamer 01Hi Elsa-Marie
Chloe is so excited about being at Sydney Univeristy. Thank you for all your support to make it possible. A real privilege to be there.
Thank you,
Darlene Hamer



lizaan 150I have always had a passion for working with children on the Autism spectrum. When I was in my final year of my Bachelor of Psychology (4 Year) degree in South Africa. I started doing research on expanding my knowledge about children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum and only to discover that Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia have a Masters degree in Autism.

I did further explore how I can apply in Australia and came in contact with RUTEGA Education service. This is where my journey started. I was impressed by the way RUTEGA’s agents were able to make my dream come true. They were not only professional but also always on board with the next step I will need to take and they always were quick to respond to my inquiries I had. Although we sometimes had tough decisions to make they were always supportive of my dream.

I am currently completing my Masters of Educational Studies (Major Autism Studies) in 2017, but my journey has only started now. As not only am I enjoying the lovely weather and hospitality Brisbane has to offer, I have also been blessed to be able to expand my knowledge and skills further in the Autism field here.

I will highly recommend making use of the RUTEGA agents as your dream to also study in Australia, will come true if you are willing to put in the hard work to achieve your goals. Enjoy every moment of your journey as it is reachable and memorable!


carla 150 I applied for my PhD at the University of Sydney in 2012. I'd done some research into universities that supported the areas of study I was interested in and Sydney immediately came up as an ideal match. Fortunately, they had a combination of very helpful University support staff and informative agents in South Africa who could guide me through the process of application.

Not only did the RUTEGA agents help me with getting my application pack together, but they also steered me the way of applying for postgraduate scholarships, one of which I ended up getting. Moving to Sydney was a smooth experience because of the help I received - there was always someone to ask.

It's only now that I'm here in Sydney that I can really appreciate the value of getting this opportunity. The university offers so much by way of resources, both in terms of things and people. The library, for instance, has a policy where if they can't source a book you want, you simply put in a request and they'll buy it for you within a week, no questions asked. Professors are hugely knowledgable and very open to help. I am continually struck by how much time people have for you if you request it - there is no sense of being just a number in the system.

Sydney itself is an exciting, sprawling city, full of things to explore. Every neighbourhood has a different flavour and it feels very safe to wander amongst them at most hours of the day. It's a very expensive city, but it is possible to find ways of working around this, especially if you find a good network of fellow students and share resources or housing.

One of my favourite things about the city, though, is how much free stuff there is. Being an arts student, I love having the opportunity to see world class exhibitions for free. I recently went to a curated collection of performance art, restaging some of MOMAs best-known pieces by artists like Marina Abramovic and Damien Hirst...all for free. What a treat!

All in, I can't recommend applying for a chance to study in Australia highly enough. The efficient administration process and helpful agents only makes it a pleasure to do. Best of luck with your process!


lucca 150 During March 2013 I began my life changing adventure at Australia's oldest university within one of the most beautiful, culturally diverse and vibrant cities in the world, Sydney. The University of Sydney offers so much more than a world renowned education. Students interact in an environment rich in history yet characterised by cutting-edge facilities.

The student life is second to none and there are countless clubs and societies to join - all contributing towards a rich experience. From a personal perspective, I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of such a prestigious institution.

During my Masters of Management I have learnt about the latest concepts and issues facing the business world today. I have developed a unique mindset and perspective which I am eager to apply in the real world. I have networked with some of the world's brightest minds and made priceless friendships.

Overall, attending the University of Sydney has been the most rewarding experience of my life and I encourage all prospective South African students to start their own adventure here.


I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa and completed a Diploma in Information Technology at Murdoch Institute of Technology, which is located on the Murdoch South Street campus. I started a Master of Business by Research at Murdoch in 2013.

One of the main reasons I chose to study at Murdoch was because of the location. I wanted to be at a campus that was located as close as possible to affordable accommodation, transport and other important amenities. Another reason was because I found the tuition fees very competitively placed in the market.

Murdoch has given me the opportunity to explore a world that had previously been closed off to me. I’m very proud of my nationality and I’m proud of the progress my country has made, but for many of us the change came too late. I matriculated in 1990, before South Africa became a democratic state and there were very limited opportunities to access tertiary education back then. I always believed I had the ability, but I just had to wait for the opportunity to come around again.

I have found the career workshops arranged by Murdoch to be very helpful. It was through one of these workshops that I made contact with the African Australian Professional Association. They too have been an invaluable resource to me in regards to job searches.

Perth is a city that offers all the attractions of a big city without feeling like you’re constantly caught up in the middle of it. I love the beaches and parks and the weather is really good as well. It’s also a great place to bring and raise a family!